Welcome to the Mali Team's blog!

We would like to thank everyone who is supporting us on this God-given adventure. We're so grateful for your prayers as we prepare for this cross-cultural experience! Our travel dates are June 2nd-June17th, 2010. We will be in the capital city of Bamako, as well as the villages of Mandiakuy and Koro.
Look for updates in the coming weeks, but especially in June, as we will be posting as often as we can. God bless!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bonsoir from Mali!!!
We made it safe and sound despite the minor setbacks that occurred while traveling. Our flight to Charlotte went just fine but our flight to paris was delayed by 4 hours because our pilot decided to run into a bird (results shown in the picture on the left)!! Plus the weather wasn't the best either. We arrived at Paris around 11:30 and continued on through to Bamako where we arrived safe and sound around 8:30, 4:30 your time.
Yesterday was a long day full of traveling. We stopped at the World Vision office in Bamako to talk to Fabiano about the plans for the trip and possible new directions for the future of the project. As we traveled to Tominion our first stop was to visit Tafili in Bla and we got to hear her story and see all that Joni has done for her and all that she has been able to do for the handicapped around her because of Joni. This lady has a wonderful story and we would love to share it with you if you wish to know more!! The picture to the left shows us with her and all the people we met there! Before we stopped at Bla we had our first real African meal!! Jo, Hannah and Sarah had chicken (guinnea fowl) and rice and peanut sauce and Dr. Norman and the driver Vincent had fish and rice.

We are off to explore Africa to explore!! be back soon!


  1. I can't wait to hear more about Tafili's story!!! Did you guys eat at the place that had the hotel with the gigantic giraffe statue outside??? They he SUCH GOOD FOOD: ) I miss you all, I'll keep praying, and I'm glad you all made it there safe and sound! Love ya!

  2. Sarah we miss you! and we didn't have lunch there, but stopped for the commode and a glass of pineapple juice (which we walked out without paying for... whoops :) ). Thanks for the prayers! Can't wait to see you!