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We would like to thank everyone who is supporting us on this God-given adventure. We're so grateful for your prayers as we prepare for this cross-cultural experience! Our travel dates are June 2nd-June17th, 2010. We will be in the capital city of Bamako, as well as the villages of Mandiakuy and Koro.
Look for updates in the coming weeks, but especially in June, as we will be posting as often as we can. God bless!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jour Catre

Ok so, the update is: we have decided (tentatively) to have 5 team members stay at the sister's each night and one stay in tominian at the guest house. That may change, but for now, it explains why you are getting an update from me! (Emily)

So this afternoon we had a lovely lunch of fish and rice, though the multitudinous bones were a bit overwhelming. I do not think it was Niger perch, which Liz and i had on the way up to Tominian- now THAT is great fish. We then all rested for a bit, which included naps, showers, and talking to Dabare about education, physical therapy, and Hilary Clinton. yep, he's a fan : ) we found out later that during these post-lunch hours, the temperature was probably around 120 degrees fahrenheit! Surprisingly, no one was too uncomfortable. We had fans and cool showers, so it really was not too unpleasant.

After our rest we drove over to Mandiakuy, where the Sister's have their convent, clinic, and school. Sister Alice and Sister Felicite gave us cold water, "shrimp chips" (kind of like the texture of cheese doodles, but they taste a bit salty or fishy), and popcorn dusted with milk powder and salt (sounds weird, but it was so addictive!). Dr Norman discussed many things with the sisters, including their work in the community, their achievements, and their partnership with different aspects of WorldVision. After an hour or so in the cool of the convent, the temperature had dropped enough for us to go out again.

We visited a man in a nearby village named Janvier, who had a stroke a few years ago. The experience was incredibly poignant, so much so that we have decided that in order to do justice to the moment the story must be told to our loved ones in person, rather than over a medium as impersonable as a blog. So make sure you remember to ask about "Janvier".

Following the interview, we dropped the 5 ladies off at the sisters, where a mouthwatering meal awaited them (all I know is that it included cake, and i was jealous). Dr Norman and I came back to the guesthouse, had some chicken with green beans for dinner, and crashed for the night.

And now, I am off to bed! as they say here, "A demain!"

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  1. Thanks for the update!!! Keep writing!! We are praying for you all. Love,
    The Betteridges