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We would like to thank everyone who is supporting us on this God-given adventure. We're so grateful for your prayers as we prepare for this cross-cultural experience! Our travel dates are June 2nd-June17th, 2010. We will be in the capital city of Bamako, as well as the villages of Mandiakuy and Koro.
Look for updates in the coming weeks, but especially in June, as we will be posting as often as we can. God bless!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Team Itinerary

I thought I would post our itinerary for the trip, so you can know where we are each day and pray specifically for our work! Thank you again for the support :D

Proposed Schedule for Messiah College and Joni & Friends (JAF) in Mali

(Tominian, Koro and Bla field work and Bamako Workshop on Disabilities)

June 2-16, 2010

June 3: Arrive in Bamako on Air France from Paris (Ray Norman, Liz Susmann, Sarah Finney, Emily Howell, Jo Larson, Hannah Norman).

June 4: Meet with WV ND or Operations Dir. in morning; depart for Tominian mid-morning.

June 5: Students move to the Sister's compound in Mandiakuy

June 4-11: Working at Tominian & Mandiakuy

June 7-8: Ray Norman & 2 students travel to Koro for 2 days & one night.

June 9: Arrive in Bamako on Air France from Paris (Steve Bundy and Chip Kingery, from Joni & Friends, JAF).

June 10: Depart for Tominian with Steve Bundy and Chip Kingery by 8:00 or 9:00. Must arrive in Tominian no later than 14:00 (visit to Yasso village planned at 15:00.)

June 11: Norman, Bundy and Kingery depart Tomiian for Mandiakuy early morning. Tour Madiakuy project, pick up students from Sisters Guesthouse, and drive to San. In afternoon, meet with Handicap Association (handicapped persons in San) from 14:30-16:30. At 16:30 drive to Bla and stay the night. (Note: This is the return trip to Bamako and may require 2 vehicles; 8 travelers plus chauffeurs….Norman, 5 students, Bundy and Kingery.)

June12: Visit Tafili Tangara and handicapped persons in Bla in morning. Lunch in Bla, then depart for Bamako in afternoon. Arrive Bamako in evening.

June 14-15: WV Workshop on Disability, led by Messiah Collage and JAF.

June 15: Bundy and Kingery depart Bamako on Air France the evening of June 15.

June 16: Norman to meet with WV ND, for review of workshop and planning for future.

Departure of Norman and Messiah College students on evening of June 16.

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  1. Hello -
    This post is from JoAnna Larson's parents. THe girls called from Charlotte NC tonight (6/2 after 7:00 PM). Their flight to Paris had to return to Charlotte due to a broken windshield (a bird hit the plane). They anticipate leaving by 9:00 PM EST from Charlotte, which will make them at least 4 hours late arriving in Paris.
    The girls are well, and no worse for the experience (they giggled alot). We have informed the Messiah contact, but am posting here in case it works.

    God Bless,
    Brian and Donna Larson (Elverson, PA).