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We would like to thank everyone who is supporting us on this God-given adventure. We're so grateful for your prayers as we prepare for this cross-cultural experience! Our travel dates are June 2nd-June17th, 2010. We will be in the capital city of Bamako, as well as the villages of Mandiakuy and Koro.
Look for updates in the coming weeks, but especially in June, as we will be posting as often as we can. God bless!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hey-o again!

So we made it to the Tominion base in time for a late dinner where Liz and Emily were waiting. They had made the trip out-country, meeting up with fav's like Dabere and Charles at the Mali ADP leader meeting in San. (See Andrew, Emily and Liz are right here!) We all met our lovely translator Marie Jean, who is great. At dinner, we discovered that lights on at night makes the pavilion into a zoo. Not only were we surrounded by toads and stray, scrawny kittens, but we were legit AMBUSHED by bugs. Like attacking our faces, food and later, we discovered, our rooms. Bugs in our beds, across the floors, and all over the bathroom. Needless to say there was alot of girlish screams and rolling of eyes from the locals and Dr. Norman. :) We (and by that I mean Liz) loved spoiling the cats with chicken skin and we all freaked during our first encounter with scorpion carriers, large spiders that run around. They are terrifying. With everything, it was a fantastic day - filled with adventures and getting acquainted with Mali.

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